Core concepts

In order to better understand how our API works, let's clarify the following terms:


The "Company" represents the global account holder of your Bodyguard account.


Use the "Project" to establish where you would like to use Bodyguard. This could be your website, your blog, your Facebook page, your YouTube channel, your Twitch channel, your mobile app, your forum...
By using Projects you can easily distinguish between the various platforms you would like to moderate.


The "Channel" lets you select how you would like to use Bodyguard on your selected platform for your moderation needs. A Channel indicates what type of communication Bodyguard should moderate: comments, live chat, private messages, group chats. You can set custom rules for each channel, meaning that you can select different levels of moderation based on the specifics of that channel. For example, you could choose to apply a higher level of moderation on your comments, but a lower level on your private messages. Or you could select to moderate mockery on a channel, but not the other.


graph LR; subgraph _ subgraph Company c1(Bodyguard) end subgraph Projects p1(Facebook page); p2(Website); p3(Mobile app); end subgraph Channels ch1(Comments); ch2(Reviews); ch3(Live chat); ch4(Public messages); ch5(Live chat); ch6(Direct messages); end end c1-->p1; c1-->p2; c1-->p3; p1-->ch1; p2-->ch2; p2-->ch3; p3-->ch4; p3-->ch5; p3-->ch6; style _ fill:#fff,stroke:#169AED; style Company fill:#DFE2FF,stroke:#169AED; style Projects fill:#D0EBFB,stroke:#169AED; style Channels fill:#E9F7F3,stroke:#169AED;
  • Each project will have his own API key and channels.
  • You can manage your companies, projects, API keys and channels directly from the dashboard.